Let us Represent your Product

If you have a product that has to do with Outdoor Cooking or Lifestyle. Let us help you develop your marketing and sales channel. We identify retailers and distributors that can sell your products. Train their salesforce and even help promote your product through training, onsite demos and social media.

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Social Media

Through our series of Websites, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups we can give your Product a jump start. Our Learn to BBQ Website and YouTube Channel get thousands of views a day and through our Video Reviews, we can develop demand even before we contact the retail channel.

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Product Demos and Training

With over 27 years experience we can properly demo your product to both consumers and resellers. We also have professional trainers that can teach both consumers and resellers how to utilize your products.

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Why are we different?

We are not just a manufacturer representative. We are a group of highly professional people that understand how to take a product to market. From developing the rollout plan, developing the product collateral to using social media and influencers to presale the product so there is a demand even before it shows up on the resellers' shelves.

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Next Steps...

Please let us know how we can help you. From Manufacturer Representative to Influencer to Social Media Director or Marketing Manager. We have all the tools to make your product rollout a success.